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You can now start updating your Class Book profile information by going to Yale65.ReunionTechnologies.com. Once you’re there, click on the “My Class Book Entry” button on the right.  This will take you to a set of pages/tabs about you. Most of what you enter, including your photos, personal essays, and survey answers, will form the major part of our yearbook.

Also note that among your profile pages, the last one gives you the opportunity to contribute a remembrance for any of our deceased classmates. We hope you will.

New on Nov. 13th! View the 50th Reunion Information we have available.

We’re working to make our Class website more accessible, easy to navigate, and enjoyable to participate in. As we begin to focus on our 50th Reunion – don’t laugh, it’s coming – we hope to bring more Classmates together electronically and thereby encourage them to get together physically.

Handsome DanThe Class Directory is probably the most-used feature on the site. It’s a fast, easy way to track down Classmates. It’s password protected, for fairly obvious reasons, but once you register and set your password, navigation’s easy and you can ask the site to remember your password so you don’t have to look it up each time you log in.

Visit the Photo Album section – we’ve still got pictures from the fabulous 40th reunion. But we need more recent images! If you have pictures you’d like to share with classmates, send them to editor@yale1965.org, helpfully captioned if possible, and we’ll paste them in.

We’re working to make yale1965.org a lively and dynamic site, with news and event information plus plenty of input from you. It’ll keep evolving, so check in frequently. On the menu to the left you’ll find Class Notes, Speeches, Poems and Tributes, plus a new feature, Classmates’ Posts, where we hope you’ll put up news you’d like to share with the Class. Questions, comments and contributions to yale1965.org should be directed to editor@yale1965.org.